Ask for a disinfectant gel with a broad antimicrobial spectrum

Atogel, safe solution for hygienic hand treatment and disinfection (ISP 2404C-1/20)

Reduce cleaning time and save water with low pressure technology

System Cleaners ®, cost effective solution to boost hygiene

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Increase road pavement resistance with ready-to-use PmB pellets

RW Elast®, sustainable solution for asphalt mixing plants

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Use the best in class aseptic spray with residue < 5 ppm

Valsterane ® 25/35 S - HP, sustentable solution for spray packaging technologies

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Avoid soil and mineral redeposition during washing

Rheosolve™ D5S, sustaintable solution for liquid or powder detergents

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Reduce food waste with pressure-sensitive adhesive

M-Resin 650, innovative solution for resealable packaging

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Think global, Act local


Our multinational affiliate's heritage as well as our industrial and international experience enable us to think and act differently.


Chemicals expert, we lead the way in fostering innovative solutions to create responsible value in Chile.



We are convinced our future is now dependent upon the way in which we address tomorrow's challenges with our suppliers and customers. We work with our industrial partners both to satisfy market expectations – characterized by a constant demand for greater innovation, safety and efficiency – and to meet regulatory requirements.

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Interview about our Mining Innovation

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Austral appointed by Roadway Solutions