Coatings & Adhesives

Innovative, Sustainable, Safe and Cost-effective Solutions

Industrial coatings must protect substrates in some of the harsdest conditions. Environmental legislation has added to the challenge, by forcing coatings manufacturers to develop durable coatings that both meet environmental regulations and deliver outstanding performance.  Adhesives must also match with severe conditions and stricter regulations. Moreover, development of new materials used in transportation, packaging, tape & label, construction or furniture industries obliges adhesives producers to invent solutions to enhance the bonding.

We offer dispersing agents, thickeners, surfactants, wetting agents, defoamers,  waxes, light stabilizers and anti UV, concentrated colorants, enduceredores y resinas. We believe this is a responsible and technological trend and see this as an opportunity to provide safer choices to protect our customers and the environment with new durable solutions.

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