Vision & Mission


Chemistry is a big part of our everyday life and is always solicited to solve the next industrial challenges. We are in an emerging and fast growing region whose industries require more than ever:

  • Innovative Solutions  to improve quality of life through better production processes, productos and services
  • Sustainable Solutions  to preserve the environment and natural resources.
  • Safe Solutions  to protect workers, consumers, infrastructure and equipment.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions  to maintain our customers' leading positions.



We want to play with our partners and our production facility a precursor role in the emergence of future technologies in the Pacific Alliance region.

Industrial customers who need chemical specialties, industrial detergents and silicates can expect the best in term of service, guidance and chemical expertise.

Locally produced or imported, we safely provide chemical solutions that make our industrial customers more successful and our future more sustainable.

Therefore, our Solutions are Innovative, Sustainable, Safe and Cost-Effective.

"Fostering innovative solutions to create responsible value".

Vision & Mission