RW Elast®

New generation of ready to use PmB pellets for asphalt mixes

Innovative Solution

  • High performance bitumen and SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) pellets used as modifier for asphalt mixes (all types of bitumen, binder courses, surface courses)
  • Introduced directly into the pugmill of batch and continuous hot-mix asphalt plants, whatever the plant configuration
  • Outstanding resistance to rutting and thermal cracking
  • Excellent resistance to fatigue and permanent deformation
  • Better adherence
  • Strong cohesion and elasticity
  • Improvement of rigidity modulus
  • Overall better performances than natural asphalt, EVA/EBA, modified EVA/EBA, PPA or styrenic based elastomers

Sustaintable Solution

  • Suitable alternative to existing PmB currently manufactured in binder plants
  • Road pavements containing RW Elast® can be recycled like other asphalt mixes modified with polymers
  • Compatible with recycled asphalt particles (RAP)
  • RW Elast® complies with all EN and ASTM standards

Safe Solution

  • Cold and solid pellets delivered in thermo-fusible bags
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to dose
  • Compatible with all asphalt mix plants
  • Temperature and mixing time of asphalt mixes processing parameters do not need any adjustment when incorporating RW Elast®

Cost-effective Solution

  • Extension of road pavement lifetime (airports, runways, parking, motorways, highways, high lod bearing areas, bridges, roundabouts) due to better thermo-mechanical properties
  • Accurate dosing depending on work requirements and performance
  • Less product loss compared to standard PmB
  • Flexibility in case of delayed work on construction site
  • Binder plant is not necessary anymore