Dedicated to Chemicals, Committed to the Environment

Being eco-responsible. At Austral Chemicals we respect humans, we respect the environement. Therefore, we are proud to promote in our region sustainable solutions to help our customers to respect their own environmental commitment. Sustaintability is core to Austral Chemicals.

Silicates we produce are neutral to the environment. They are produced with natural raw materials such as quartz and caustic soda. The production and utilisation of silicates are environmentally friendly.

Colorsil, the mineral coating produced in our factory, participates actively to the LEED certification for resource efficient builgings. The use of Colorsil generates 2 LEED points (low COV and domestic raw materials).

Wood preservatives without carcinogenic components, additive to increase life of retornable bottles, phenol-free paint stripper, bio-sourced polymer, formol-free disinfectant, enzymatic detergents, VOC and APEO-free corrosion inhibidor, solvent-free mineral coating, CFC-free polyurethane, phosforic-free descaling agent, dust supressor, inorganic fire retardant are examples of solutions launched recently to make our future more sustainable.

As a member of Asiquim (Chemical Chilean Association), we comply with the Responsible Care program and are regularly inspected by our international customers and local authorities.

In our own factory we pay attention to VOC and ashes emissions as well as water control. We constantly exploit all opportunities to reduce our energy consumption.