Dedicated to Chemicals. Committed to ethical conduct.

At Austral Chemicals we are committed to work ethically, transparently and with integrity in our relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and authorities.

Austral's Code of Conduct for Employees

We promote an environment and culture that supports, challenges and develops our employees. The Code of Conduct is a summary of the environment and culture of our organization, where the values that guide our behavior as a company and those who work in it are indicated.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Policy for Contractors, Suppliers, and Service Providers

In order to establish sustainable relationships with its suppliers, Austral Chemicals adopts a responsible purchasing behavior. The supplier policy is the document that guides this process.

Procedure / Alert Line

Based on the above, Austral Chemicals makes available to all interested parties, a simple channel of complaints that allows reporting potential non-compliances related to the company.

The following can be reported through the ethics line:

1. Potential infractions to the Crime Prevention Policy related to Chilean Law N°20.393 and Infractions to certain policies and procedures of the company.

2. Infringement of other regulations such as conduct affecting free competition and conflicts of interest.

3. Potential violations to the Code of Conduct and Ethical Policy for Austral Chemicals Suppliers.

Provided that the provisions of the complaints procedure are followed, this system can be used through the following e-mail address:

We ask you to use the channel seriously, consciously and always respecting people's rights and providing clear and supported information (name of persons, companies, date, place, contract number, among others).