System Cleaners ®

Boost hygiene by systematic and reduced cleaning time

Innovative Solution

  • System for OPC surface cleaning from 4 to 60 simultaneous users and 4 products
  • Low-pressure with boosted water
  • Central or De-central automatic system

Sustaintable Solution

  • In-house software, designed to achieve maximum pump efficiency
  • Pneumatic selector for easy operation even under harsh conditions
  • Nozzle and injector systems that ensure uniform cleaning
  • Customized systems to clean filler, auger, eviscerator, deboning, tank, truck, conveyor, smoke chamber, chiller, spiral freezer, tunnel freezer, plate freezer in the food and livestock industry

Safe Solution

  • Reduced health risk for cleaning staff
  • Less wear on processing equipment and affected surfaces
  • Integration of several control mechanisms for safe operations at all times
  • Chemical valve guarantees highest safety while handling even aggressive chemicals

Cost-effective Solution

  • Significant reduction in cleaning time = increased production time
  • Low maintenance and service requirements (e.g. maintenance-friendly injector system)
  • Improved heat transmission = more effective rinse effect
  • Reduced water and chemical consumption