• 1942   Francolor France started to sell aniline and dyes for the leather and textile industries in Chile.

  • 1946   Creation of Quimica Industrial - Start of silicate production for the detergent industry  and distribution of commodities for industrial applications.

  • 1983   During the French nationalization period, the company became an affiliate of the state-owned group Pechiney Ugine Kuhlmann.

  • 1986   Acquisition of Quimica Luba to strenghten its position in textile, leather and detergents

  • 1996   Acquisition of Fosfamet in metal treatment technologies (sold to Henkel in 2001).

  • 1999   Production and distribution of Elf's Lubricants (until 2009)

  • 2005   After the merger with Elf Aquitaine, Total Petrochemicals and Arkema sold their Chilean affiliate – Creation of Austral Chemicals Chile S.A.                                     

  • 2009   Start of the polyurethane activity.

  • 2014   Start of the wood protection activity.

  • 2015   Start of the food safety activity and creation of Austral Food Safety.

  • 2016   Start of the coatings & adhesives and metal surface treatment activities.

  • 2017   Enhancement of the plastic and packaging activities.

  • 2019   Start of the paper industry activity.

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