Wolsin ® FL-35 homologated by EPAL association

29 Sep 2017

The world-leading temporary anti-sapstain products Sinesto® B, Sinesto® AS-5 and Wolsin® FL-35 produced by BASF Wolman GmbH have recently been approved by EPAL (European Pallet Association e.V.) for the treatment of EPAL euro pallets and their related wood components. EPAL is the world's largest pallet pooling system with over 450 million EPAL euro pallets in circulation.

Treatment of EPAL euro pallets with temporary anti-sapstain products against bluestain and mould is only permitted if these are specifically approved by EPAL for treatment of EPAL euro pallets.

"We are very proud of having received EPAL approval for our Sinesto and Wolsin product lines. It shows that we have been a reliable partner for pallet manufacturers and suppliers of pallet pooling systems for more than 20 years. It is our aim to support the pallet producers in the future with sustainable products that promote and ensure the positive as well as safe image of the wooden pallet," says Dr. Hans-Peter Knoben, product manager for anti-sapstain protection products at BASF Wolman GmbH.

Austral Chemicals is BASF Wolman GmbH's exclusive distributor in Chile.