Austral start Advanced Tinting Systems with Ceac

01 Abr 2018

Austral Chemicals is very pleased to introduce in Chile the solutions of the Swiss company Ceac AG "Advanced Tinting Systems".

After being part of Sandoz and Clariant groups, Ceac AG was established in 1999 as an independent company devoted to the coloration of paints and varnishes. Ceac AG is a tinting systems producer (pigment dispersions and universal colorants) who manufacture in Europe and operate in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Ceac AG want to expand in South America and offer their outstanding tinting technology know how to manufacturers who intend to produce high performance paints with an optimized and cost-effective process.

Ceac AG’s latest solution known as Versacol® HP is an innovative concept that combines various elements to produce and promote colors for paint manufacturers.

1. Production of new generation of concentrated tinting colorants

2. Integration of Software package compatible with all manual, automatic dispensers and In Plant Tinting

3. Standardization of appropriate color cards to promote unlimited number of shades

4. Spectrophotometer / Colorimeter with smart phone application

5. 3D color simulator

Supported by a technical service laboratory in Switzerland, Ceac AG will enable Chilean paint manufacturers to upgrade their offer.

With Versacol® HP end-users, architects and contractors will be able to elect the color of their choice and will be able to visualize various colors on a new building or renovation with a 3D simulation tool. It offers the paint manufacturer the possibility to repeat a color with a constancy.

“Ceac’s concentrated colorants and pastes are a perfect fit in Austral’s product range: they are innovative, sustainable, safe and cost-effective products. The integrated concept includes also equipment and services that will help the market to make better paints with constancy whatever the resin and the application are. Ceac AG with more than 20 years of experience is a partner of choice we are very happy to accompany in Chile” said Christophe Jacob.

This exclusive partnership starts on April 1st, 2018.


About Austral

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