Wolsin ® FL35

Wood preservative for sawmills against sapstain and mold

Innovative Solution

  • Concentrated fungicide for anti sapstain treatment (ceratocystis plifera) for green lumber, ready-to-use solution without adding any other substance
  • Entirely water soluble and stable in water (no suspension)
  • Concentration easy to measure by using a refractometer
  • Wolsin ® FL35 does not require continuous stirring
  • Transparent product that maintains natural wood color
  • Wolsin ® FL35 treatment can be done before or after HT Heat Treatment)

Sustaintable Solution

  • Wolsin ® FL35 cumplies with international environmental, health and safety regulations
  • Chemical substances authorized by European Biocide Directive (BPR N°528/2012)
  • Registered and used in leading wood regions such as Europe, USA, New Zealand and Korea

Safe Solution

  • SAG registered product
  • No odor
  • Tank refill and concentration control do not require human intervention
  • Chemical revelatory available (colored spray)

Cost-effective Solution

  • Optimized concentration according to wood protection required
  • Labor cost-savings: easy dosification and control by installing a dosimeter
  • Equipment cost-savings: stainless steel tanks and pumps are not required