Bio Natur 350

H1 certified & biodegradable oil for tables and band saws

Innovative Solution

  • Ready-to-use product with an adapted viscosity, "BIO NATUR 350" is well adapted to centralized greasing systems
  • As multifunctional oil, "BIO NATUR 350" is also well adapted to the lubrication of: planer table, moulding machines in the wood processing industries
  • Colorless and synthetic, "BIO NATUR 350” does not stain woods and permits wood resins solubilization
  • With an excellent wettability, "BIO NATUR 350" will place itself between metallic surfaces and clay, avoiding adhesion of the two surfaces especially in cold weather
  • Usable during summer or winter thanks to its fluid viscosity and its very low pour point

Sustaintable Solution

  • "BIO NATUR 350" is biodegradable and non-classified as dangerous for the environment
  • When sprayed 2 times a day onto hoppers and tools used to transform the clay, "BIO NATUR 350" will avoid adhesion and paste formation

Safe Solution

  • Anti-wear protection
  • "BIO NATUR 350" is a fluid oil, suitable for incidental contact with food, specifically designed for band saw lubrication
  • InS H1 Registration number 1795462

Cost-effective Solution

  • By avoiding stick-slips, "BIO NATUR 350" will allow a speedier passage of the wood parts, even if they are not planed