Trecora CWP 400e

PE wax to improve PVC external lubrication for pipes, siding or window profiles

Innovative Solution

  • PVC additive for extrusion and coextrusion manufacturing processes
  • Provides a smooth coating on equipment metal parts
  • Compatible with all types of stabilizers (Ca/Zn, Tin)
  • Softer surface with mate appareance
  • Reduces PVC melt viscosity

Sustaintable Solution

  • CWP 400e reduces the energy consumption by improving production performance
  • Multi-functionnal wax that applies to all types of equipment
  • Reduces scrap

Safe Solution

  • Non flammable product
  • Non corrosive
  • Compliant with FDA regulations (21 CFR)

Cost-effective Solution

  • Improves production yield due to better lubrification (higher ouput)
  • Reduces play out 
  • Extends shelf life of extrusion equipment
  • Lower mantention costs by reducing cleaning frequency
  • Enables lower ratio of PVC resin (filler)