DHT-4V ®

Hydrotalcite-like material for long-lasting outdoor plastic applications

Innovative Solution

  • This is reflected by the fact that DHT-4V® is on the approval list of practically all polyolefin technology providers globally
  • The superiority of DHT-4V® as compared to other products results from its particular mechanism of adsorbing acids based on anion exchange. In the presence of acidic substances such as chloride ions, DHT-4V® will exchange the carbonate ions from the interlayer of its crystal structure and replace them with the chloride ions, which are rendered harmless
  • DHT-4V® can adsorb anions equivalent to about 10% of its own weight. The significantly higher capacity compared to alternatives minimizes the loss of physical properties of polymers.

Sustaintable Solution

  • For more than 30 years, DHT-4V® is considered to be the industry standard for deactivation of catalyst residues in polyolefins
  • Deactivation of residual acidic substances that originate from catalytic polymerization processes used to produce polyolefins and comparable polymers and elastomers. Using DHT-4A® will significantly reduce corrosion damage of process equipment and of the polymer itself
  • Scavenging free halogen ions deriving from radicals in halogenated flame retardants in various polymers
  • Rendering acidic residues in engineering plastic inert in order to prevent corrosion damage of molding equipment
  • Acid acceptor in halogenated rubber, when high water resistance is required
  • Corrosion inhibition in polymer-based coating systems and adhesives, which increases protection of metallic surfaces against corrosive anions
  • Long term weatherability in combination with Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS)

Safe Solution

  • Environmentally harmless
  • By using DHT-4V®, stearic acid vapors can be eliminated
  • DHT-4V is a vegetable based surface active agent (instead of tallow)

Cost-effective Solution

  • With DHT-4V®, the amount of water carry-over is significantly less than with Calcium-Stearate