New generation of extrudable resin for reseable packaging

Innovative Solution

  • New technology designed and patented to be coextruted and become part of a multi-layers film that can be used as a high performance resealable packaging
  • Enables better resealability than other existing reclose systems available in the market
  • Available in several grades depending on customer requirements

Sustaintable Solution

  • Keep food fresher and longer after the first opening of the packaging
  • Can be used at the common co-extrusion equipments without any additional investment
  • Avoid the use of secundary packaging creating less waste
  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.105

Safe Solution

  • Solvent free resin
  • Pelletized resin to facilitate operational processing (free-flowing, easy feeding)
  • Formulated to have minimal effect on a food's organoleptic properties such as cheese, ham, meat and bakery

Cost-effective Solution

  • No additional equipment investment is needed to coextrude this technology as M-resins are compatible with blown and cast extrusion resins, and most ofscrew and barrel designs.
  • Incorporation into blown film structure enables faster packaging speeds, lower cost in use and improved productivity compared to zippers