Macro ®

Advanced extrusion systems for film & sheet for protective packaging

Innovative Solution

  • Turn-key and taylor-made installations for film & sheet extrusion systems, blown film, cast film & sheet, biaxially-oriented film, extrusion coating, foam
  • Web handling systems, unwind-rewind systems and complex winding systems

Sustaintable Solution

  • Commitment for the full life of the machinery
  • The equipment comes with the full support of the technical service and R&D

Safe Solution

  • Advanced systems to produce film structure up to 13 layers that protect food products from microbiological degradation, physical damages and chemical changes combined with a need to offer attractive shelf appeal
  • Automation systems to improve plant safety

Cost-effective Solution

  • Equipment available for testing monolayer blown film line, 3-layer blown film line, monolayer cast film line, 5-layer double-bubble line, glass extruder
  • Taylor-made systems with focus on tigher quality control, gauge control and more output