Lotader ®

Copolymer for multilayers barrier films, oxygen barrier layers and sealing

Innovative Solution

  • Lotader ® reactive terpolymers have a wide range of applications. They are used as tie layers in multilayer barrier films, impact modifiers/flexibilizers for engineering polymers such as : PA, PET, PBT, PPS, coupling agents in HFFR cable compounds, adhesion promoters for hot-melt adhesives
  • They have very versatile adhesives properties: reactive with nearly all polar substrates like metals or corona treated plastics, compatible with all ethylene copolymers

Sustaintable Solution

  • Lotader ® tie resins have outstanding ability to bond to various substrates such as plain, metallized and printed plastic films, aluminum foil and therefore improve food shelf life

Safe Solution

  • Lotader ® resins can be used in high temperature processes without acid production or corrosion
  • Lotader® resins are easy to process and can bond onto many different substrates. They give outstanding performance on difficult substrate such as reverse printed films
  • No inflammable

Cost-effective Solution

  • Melt stability, drawability, and low power consumption
  • Very large temperature processing window: from 200°C to 320°C (compatible processing of engineering polymers)
  • No acid corrosion reducing costs of maintenance
  • Easy purging with LDPE
  • Ease of processability due to a large range of viscosity