Kizen ®

Ideal end of line adhesive for packaging to subsitute EVAs and metallocenes

Innovative Solution

  • Next generation hot melt adhesive for case and carton sealing and tray erecting application, based on a unique water-white technology
  • Designed for strong bond performance, the Kizen product line as a whole works well on auto-feed systems and provides strong bonds on a variety of substrates
  • Ideal end of line packaging solution due to its enhanced performance capabilities over current adhesive options, such as EVAs and metallocenes
  • 3 products available to match all packaging applications: Kizen ® Force (All purpose), Kizen ® Ice (Freezer grade -20°C), Kizen ® Heat (Hot filling conditions)

Sustaintable Solution

  • Plug and Play switch: excellent compatibility of equipment 
  • Outstanding thermal stability and ultra-precise drops / Clean cut adhesive
  • Clean hoses and nozzles / Thermal stability
  • Free-flowing / Room temperature tack-free pellets
  • Fast set speeds

Safe Solution

  • Enhanced ergonomics / Light and easy prehension packaging
  • Fall prevention / Flat pellets
  • Cleaner atmosphere / Low fuming and less odour

Cost-effective Solution

  • Affordable investment (Plug & Play) / Excellent compatibility 
  • Minimal adhesive consumption/ Coating weight reduction (up to -50% / benchmark study based on conventional adhesives and substrates)
  • More reliable closing / High performance bonds (up to +60% / benchmark study based on conventional adhesives and substrates))
  • Increased productivity /Reduction of line stops and fast setting time