Certincoat ® TC100

Hot End Coating to increase glass containers resistance

Innovative Solution

  • Most frequently used hot-end coating material in the world
  • Hot End Coating for envases de vidrio (one way and returnable)
  • Better lubricity in thin-walled, lightheight glass containers
  • Compatible with Cold End Coating solution, Tegoglas ®

Sustaintable Solution

  • High smoothness and dry filling scratch resistance
  • Durability during transportation and handling
  • Relatively unaffected by moisture, minimizing the problem of clogged coating equipment (pumps and process tubing)
  • Unique chemistry reduces the production of corrosive by-products

Safe Solution

  • Stabilized formulation which improves shelf life, coating performance, and reliability
  • Low DBTC contents, while its TBTC content is actually below detection limit
  • Highest taste quality of wine, oil, dairy, or food product
  • Complies with FDA CFR21 and EC Directive 2002/72/EC
  • Liquid stable from -62°C to 193°C (-80°F to 380°F) allows easy pumping throughout the year
  • Low vapor pressure minimizes exposure to fumes when opening a drum or cylinder
  • Nonflammable material allows easy storage

Cost-effective Solution

  • Certincoat ® TC100 in combination with the Certincoat ® System provides the most economical way of applying a protective primer hot end coating on glass
  • Faster production speed
  • Glass weight reduction
  • Breaking reduction during production process