Vigileak ®,LPG odorant

Make the use of gas safe from the terminal to end-users

Innovative Solution

  • Ensures the safe transport and distribution of odorless LPG (butane, propane)
  • Blend TertioButylMercaptan 30% - DiMethylSulfide 70%

Sustaintable Solution

  • Higher chemical stability than Ethylmercaptan
  • Formulation compliant with the ISO 13734 rule
  • Technical assitance about injection rates or odor fades
  • Trainings from the basic of odorization to a gas odorant spill management excercise

Safe Solution

  • Distintive and not confusable odor
  • Delivered in low pressure SBC
  • Possibility to be neutralized by O-Scent and the use of Quick Intervention Unit, a spraying device

Cost-effective Solution

  • Odorization with Vigileak ® 7030 reaches the same alert level at lower injection dosage than Ethylmercaptan, generating significant savings for customers

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