Colorsil ®

Durable and breathable mineral coating to protect external walls

Solución Innovadora

  • Colorsil ® silicate paints naturally compliments the mineral physics of mineral surfaces such as concrete, masonry, stone or drywall boards.
  • Colorsil ® penetrates into the substrate and by chemical reaction creates a permanent bond, forming a microporous breathable coating.
  • 8 colours available: white, ivory, light grey, grey cement, sand, ochre, red, green.

Solución Sustentable

  • Durable paint
  • Environmentally friendly, does no contain any solvant
  • Highly vapor permeable and very water resistant

Solución Segura

  • VOC-free
  • Inorganic paint
  • Paintbrush and roller can be cleaned with water

Solución Costo-Efectivo

  • Renovating cost-savings as Colorsil ® is a long-lasting paint.
  • Colorsil ® should be diluted with 30% of water in volume for the first layer (second layer with 20%)
  • Application  35-40 m/ layer