Agrement with Chilenter Foundation

17 Abr 2021

Austral Chemicals signed a collaboration agreement with Chilenter, a foundation also located in Quinta Normal. Chilenter manages electronic and computer waste from companies, public institutions and individuals. The equipment is reviewed and, depending on its condition, goes to the reconditioning or recycling line. The reconditioned equipment is then donated to schools and social organizations throughout Chile.

In addition to 500 kg of e-waste, Austral Chemicals has delivered 20 old computers. Once refurbished, the environmental impact of this donation corresponds to 18 tons less CO2 in the environment.

This saving of gas emissions is equivalent to:

* 415 trees that can absorb these emissions

* 569 changes from traditional light bulbs to energy saving bulbs

* 2 houses consuming energy for a whole year

In more than 18 years, Chilenter has provided more than 106,000 computers to more than 12,000 educational establishments and more than 4,190 social organizations.

Thus the company actively participates in the implementation of the REP law (In Chile 81% of electronic waste has an unknown destination) and promotes education and social use of technologies, building capacities to improve the quality of life of communities.


About Chilenter

Chilenter is a foundation dedicated to promote education and social use of technologies, through the management of electronic devices in disuse or electronic waste, through its reconditioning or its recovery and recycling. We are a non-profit organization, which aims to be a sustainable and sustainable.


About Austral

Created in 1942, Austral Chemicals is a leader in Chile in the development, production and commercialization of silicates as well as for the formulation of hygiene, cleaning and metal surface treatment solutions. Moreover, it is a partner of choice in the distribution of innovative chemical solutions and related services. Their chemical experts serve various markets such as mining, oil & gas, wood, pulp & paper, coatings, food, plastics, packaging, metal, construction or home care. The company safely provides solutions that makes their industrial customers more successful and the future more sustainable.