Published in Lignum in February 2017

10 Febreroeb 2017

Preservatives: Higher durability for wood

... Austral Chemicals in Chile is offering a new product that is also used in the European Union, United States, New Zealand and Korea.

In our country is not yet commercialized, but different companies are testing it as it is authorized by the SAG. "It is a product of BASF, subsidiary Wolman, this is a preservative against blue stain and mold called Wolsin ® FL-35," explains Christophe Jacob, associate director of Austral Chemicals.

Among some characteristics of the product, it can be said that it is translucent, keeping the wood with its appearance and natural color, has no odor, contains active substances authorized in the European Directive for biocides and is not corrosive ...

Article published on February 10, 2017