Kercoat ®

Protective coating to reduce scuffing of returnable glass bottles

Innovative Solution

  • Adheres to raw washed surfaces at washer outlet
  • Reduces friction between bottles
  • Reducción de la perdida de la calidad técnica de las botellas
  • TBox ® monitoring on customer’s site / On-line connection (55 parameters)

Sustaintable Solution

  • Bottle lifetime at least doubled with more than 50% scuffing marks redution
  • Customized equipment not connected to the line
  • Equipment does not require production line modifications
  • Degradable product without effect in washer and water treatment plant

Safe Solution

  • Reduces noises in the factory
  • No mist effect due to exclusive hi-tech electrically controlled gun
  • No residues inside the bottle

Cost-effective Solution

  • Accurate spraying system to optimize Kercoat consumption
  • Improves filling yield
  • 20% less decrease of burst pressure strength
  • Lower bottle renewal over time due to bottle lifetime at least doubled