Descaling agent for dairy industries and breweries

Innovative Solution

  • Substitute formulation of fosforic, citric or sulfamic acids
  • High descaling properties on calcium or iron carbonates or oxides
  • Can be used in existing plants
  • Do not alter polypropylen moulds or stainless steel tanks
  • Non oxydizing formulation
  • No foam

Sustaintable Solution

  • 100% biodegradale (OECD 301A norm)
  • Fosforic acid-free formulation
  • Nitrogen-free formulation
  • Low COD (chemical oxygen demand) in effluents

Safe Solution

  • Low toxicity
  • No odour

Cost-effective Solution

  • Increasing shelf life of tanks, piping and equipments due to low corrosion
  • Waste water treatment cost savings vs fosforic acid formulations
  • Lower utilization of chemical neutralizers vs fosforic acid formulations
  • Reduction of tailings vs fosforic acid formulations